New Titles available Q3 2021

11/09/2021 09:00am

New Titles Released on 7-19-21

Modular Subjects

Category: Education
  1) Special Education Medical Assistance

Category: Application and Web Development
  2) Docker 20.10
  3) Kubernetes 1.14

Category: Database and Business Intelligence
  4) MongoDB 4.4
  5) Tableau 2021.1

Job-based Tests:

Category: Sales and Marketing
- Digital Marketer

Category: Government and Public Administration
- Public Works Laborer

Following for the Next Release:

Category: Database & Business Intelligence
- Data Science

Category: Application and Web Development
- ERP Developer

Category: Health
- Bloodborn Pathologies

Category: Engineering, Industrial & Design
- Power Tools

Category: MS Office
- Office 365 (prioritized)
- Office 365 Admin

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