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Sales/Analytical Skills Tests

Any job that requires solving different problems, real-time decision making, and heavy critical thinking require at least some level of analytical skill. Analytical skills are traditionally associated with math and numerical reasoning job requirements, but can extend further than that. These analytical jobs require the use of logic and reasoning in order to analyze situations and draw conclusions from that analysis. Employers specifically target employees who possess these skills and are more likely to learn quickly and improve over time in a role. This is why analytical skills are better than other skills at predicting long-term job success.

Sales representatives are a vital component of any business. While a formal education is not required to be an effective sales person, many positions require additional training. Because of this, employers usually will focus on hiring candidates who can learn quickly and have a solid, basic skill set. Modern-day sales representatives must be able to frequently display strong vocal and written skills, with less emphasis placed on face-to-face communication. When considering prospective employees, hiring managers should assess an individual's acumen for communicating across several platforms. This ability is the driving force behind many of the sales made today.

Sales managers are crucial to the success of their companies. They are responsible for developing and executing a sales plan, as well as tracking the performance of a company's sales force. Sales managers are typically solid communicators and excellent negotiators. Successful sales managers have a proven track record of closing sales. Personality traits in this field that are often critical include a strong positive outlook, an aptitude for coaching, and a competitive drive to win.

A pre-employment test for these positions should illuminate an individual's ability to manage, solve problems and think critically. These applicants will not only need to handle sales and analytics for the company, but also have the ability to develop sales talent within the company's ranks. The multi-faceted nature of this position requires that hiring managers have a qualified pool of candidates to evaluate and interview. Staff Testing has created and developed hundreds of tests in order to ensure that the highest quality candidate is added your talent pool.

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Available Tests


Numerical Proofreading

Related Topics
  • Finding Numeric Data Errors
  • Checking Accuracy and Performing Corrections
  • Referencing Numeric Information
  • Correlating Numeric Data with Alphanumeric Data

Logical Thinking

Related Topics
  • Logical Puzzles
  • Verbal Analysis
  • Anagrams
  • Matching Definitions
  • Analogies
  • Series Completion
  • Visual Logic
  • Word Problems
  • Math
  • Inductive Logic
  • Deductive Logic

Numerical Reasoning

Related Topics
  • Graph Interpretation
  • Arithmetic
  • Patterns and Relevant Information
  • Manipulating Data
  • Table Interpretation

Typing & Data Entry

Related Topics
  • Fill-in Form Typing
  • General Text
  • 10-Key Data Entry
  • General Typing
  • Contact Data Entry
  • Business Text
  • Contact Data Entry (Intl)
  • News Text
  • Contact Data Entry (US)
  • Spanish Text

RETAILGeneral Retail Knowledge

Related Topics
  • Key Retail Processes
  • Retail Financials
  • Managing Customers and Employees
  • Merchandising
  • Retail Management

Retail Call Center

Related Topics
  • Surveys
  • Audio Interaction
  • Orders
  • Customer Issues
  • Professionalism
  • Telemarketing

Retails Marketing Skills

Related Topics
  • Managing Marketing Campaigns
  • Marketing Concepts and Techniques
  • Customer and Product Focus
  • Retail Advertising Operations
  • Marketing Mix

Retail Math

Related Topics
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales
  • Returns
  • Retail Math Terminology
  • Profit Calculations
  • Markup
  • Markdown
  • Giving Change
  • Discounts

Sales Clerk Skills

Related Topics
  • Sales Tasks
  • Merchandising
  • Money Handling
  • Using Math
  • Communication
  • Customer Service

Web Merchant Skills

Related Topics
  • Building Customer Trust and Loyalty
  • Management and Financial Operations
  • Managing the Product Database
  • Online Advertising
  • Selling Operations
  • Selling Procedures
  • Using Technology
  • Customer Service

SALES & MARKETINGBasic Computer Knowledge for Windows

Related Topics
  • Pricing
  • Products and Services
  • Marketing Channels
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Strategies Overview and Market Segmentation
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion

Sales Concepts

Related Topics
  • Closing
  • Profiling Prospects
  • Handling Objections
  • Building Relationships
  • Product Knowledge
  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Professionalism
  • Communications

Salesforce CRM Spring '12 for General Use

Related Topics
  • Using Activities
  • Managing Accounts and Contacts
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Working in Salesforce
  • Products and Quotes
  • Cases and Solutions
  • Leads, Campaigns and Opportunities

Salesforce Summer '12 - Administration

Related Topics
  • Sales and Service Cloud Applications
  • Workflows and Approval Processes
  • Administrating Reports and Dashboards
  • Organization and Security
  • User Management

Search Engine Marketing

Related Topics
  • Google AdWords
  • Keyword Selection and Optimization Strategies
  • Link Popularity and Linking Strategies
  • Online Advertising
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • Bing Ads

Social Media Marketing

Related Topics
  • Social Media Marketing Environment
  • Return on Investment
  • Social Media Marketing Tools and Strategies
  • News Release
  • Social Media Guidelines

Web Search Skills

Related Topics
  • Web Search Environment
  • Web Search Strategies and Techniques
  • Ways to Search the Web
  • Web Search Shortcuts

MANAGEMENTLeadership Skills

Related Topics
  • Leadership Styles
  • Character Development
  • Evaluation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Decision Making
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Concepts of Leadership

Management Skills

Related Topics
  • Time Management
  • Quality Management
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Analytical Skills
  • Employee Performance
  • Risk Management
  • Planning
  • Delegating
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

Project Management

Related Topics
  • Managing Procurement
  • Communication and Team Development
  • Managing Costs
  • Scheduling
  • Project Management Framework
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management

Time Management

Related Topics
  • Decisions
  • Focus
  • Time Management Challenges
  • Goal Setting
  • Prioritization
  • Time Management Tools and Methods
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